ARGENTARIO – Golf, Wine and Romance under the Tuscan Sun

Is it in any way possible to combine golf with wine and romance? When these three words are included in one sentence, we must first look towards Italy, where the words “wine” and “romance” bring Tuscany before our eyes. When we started looking for the perfect place in Italy, where it would be possible to play golf in the daytime and to enjoy good wine sitting next to the grapevines and under the olive trees, we managed to find a place called the Argentario Golf Resort & Spa. The Publisher of the magazine, Monika Kuzmina, and the International Relations Manager, Marko Saag, travelled to Italy to become acquainted with Argentario Golf Resort & Spa.

Argentario Golf Resort & Spa is located in the southern part of Tuscany, approximately a 1.5-hour car drive away from Rome. It must be mentioned that the proximity to Rome creates the perfect opportunity for romance on a golfing holiday. You can stay in Rome for a couple of days, enjoying the vibrant life of the Old Town and the famous sights, then drive for a couple of hours and you will be surrounded by greenery and the mountains, and where under cloudless starry skies you will hear the voices of the crickets and birds to accompany your enjoyment of the local wine and food. What could be more satisfying than to end the evening in a unique and luxurious designer suite, where every single detail has been well thought out?

So, what does Argentario Golf Resort & Spa look like, and how does it make you feel?

The most important keywords for this golfing complex are “luxury”, “design” and “completeness”. Luxury, in this context, is a sort of unpretentious luxury. Since the whole complex blends into the landscape, its true luxury can only be noticed when you are inside the buildings.

This has been achieved by combining the most contemporary features with classic designs. As a result, all of the suites look different, and every guest can find a design that particularly pleases them.

The hotel Sales Manager, Laurent, explained that they had paid a great deal of attention to the resort’s design. The whole hotel and all of the rooms were designed by the same designer to achieve integrity, regardless of the fact that the design style is different in every room. The same motifs and contemporary designs, combined with luxurious and classic features, can be seen at every stage. Argentario is also a member of the hotel chain called “Design Hotels”.

The designer also came up with an interesting architectural solution for the layout of the rooms. All 73 hotel rooms are located on one side of the building, overlooking the golf course. A view of the whole plan reveals that the whole complex looks like a dragonfly — with the central body part being the SPA facilities together with the restaurant and the lobby, and the rooms are located in the dragonfly wings.

The SPA part of the resort, which is a complete wellness centre, also deserves a special mention. Laurent explained that many guests come there for a week or two and have a nutrition plan and training programme prepared for them. During that time, the changes in their physique are constantly monitored, and their plans and programmes are adjusted accordingly. It must be admitted that this idea sounds quite tempting — to be engaged with your health issues in a luxurious environment, surrounded by good food and golf. If only there would not be that Italian wine.

Unless you are a non-drinker, avoiding the local wine in Italy and in the Tuscan area is quite complicated. Skipping the wine in combination with a pleasant dinner, either on the terrace of your suite or in the restaurant, is like walking in an Italian boot that has no heel. You can do it, but it is not quite right.

And now we must describe the golf course, which starts right next to the building. One must admit that resorts that have a golf course, a hotel, a SPA and restaurants all in the same location are perfect for a golf holiday. You do not have to worry about travelling to the course and back. Everything is right under your nose.

The golf course is located at the foot of the mountain, and for many of the holes the tee box is located considerably higher than the hole. If you strike well and directly, the ball will land on the fairway located dozens of metres below, and then you simply have to drive down the winding road to meet it. However, if you do not play so well (like we did quite a few times), the ball will land in the bushes on the hillside, where it is impossible to play.

The level of the difficulty of the course is quite complicated to define. On the one hand, it can be played quite comfortably. But on the other hand, there are quite a few holes where you get stuck if there is a standard error in your shots. The course is also full of unique opportunities due to the fact that there is a total of 125 possible tee boxes on the whole course. The choice of which to use is based on whether the player is a professional or an amateur. According to the Club Manager, several teams and clubs regularly come to practise on this course.

And if you drive from one hole to another, then you can notice several elements that are characteristic for Tuscany — a stone staircase appears to go into the infinite distance from between the olive trees and up the hillside, and there is a small house hidden in the bushes with the colours and style that is unique to Tuscany, etc.

Argentario has also begun the establishment of a golf village, which is currently being offered as an investment opportunity for those who are interested. Compared to many other golf villages, if you obtain a house in this complex, you will also receive services on behalf of the hotel. Whatever is needed to be done, at any time — the hotel staff will perform it. For instance, if you know that you will not be using the house yourself, you can arrange for the hotel to rent it out.

At the end of our visit, we also decided to visit the traditional Tuscan villages and the thermal baths of Saturnia.

In order to combine golf, Rome, Tuscany, wine and romance, we definitely recommend that you visit Argentario Golf Resort & Spa.

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The Argentario Golf Resort & Spa is a 5-star resort with design rooms, 18-hole golf course, wellness center and gourmet restaurant specializing in Tuscan cuisine. Experience luxury and design in an original and unique way in this exclusive location in the fascinating Maremma Tuscany.

The resort

The luxury resort hotel has 73 design rooms, each featuring a terrace with views of the golf course or Monte Argentario. It also includes an independent and exclusive three-bedroom cottage. The large outdoor areas include a panoramic terrace, a swimming pool with solarium zone and 3 tennis courts.

Each design accommodation features a terrace and the latest technologies, and is the result of a meticulous research on materials and fittings.

Located next to Porto Ercole, this 5-star hotel is surrounded by cork-oak woods and centuries-old olive trees in Tuscany’s Maremma, home to hares, deer, squirrels, wild boars and a variety of bird species. For outdoor sports lovers, the resort offers three tennis courts, a football field and jogging trails.


The rooms express their individual personality through a sophisticated and comfortable design, ranging from the minimalist look in a contemporary art-gallery style to the most glamorous and metropolitan spirit with chrome plating and stone tubs.


With 18 championship holes and a driving range, the Argentario Golf Club occupies 77 hectares in an environment of great landscape value which has received the “BioAgriCert” environmental certification. The range of services include the Club House and the Buvette, the pro shop.


The philosophy at the Espace Wellness Center is centered on welcoming and pampering you to the fullest. It is committed to satisfying the needs and individual requests of all guests.

The modern Espace Wellness Center is characterised by areas of white interrupted by shades of black and light woods, creating a new style that is suspended between retro and modern.

The 2.700 m² spa includes a fitness centre with Technogym equipment, bio-sauna with chromotherapy, Kneipp circuit, heated indoor swimming pool with saline water, 6 massage cabins and tanning showers, among many other services.

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